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PIC Base DTMF Project

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marx randeer

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Hello every one,

I'm new to PIC programming so i'm finding some PIC base DTMF project tutorials so any one can help me, i want to design like this project. (

thank you.


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There is a very old application note in the Microchip's site implementing that. It is well explained.

Ian Rogers

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Dear all

any one cane help me write that program please help me I'm new to PIC Programming
Its a big ask! Lots of man hours to write / debug!! Not many here will have the time to help on a subject like this..


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I was also new when I learnt to use the 16C57 from Microchip by reading the datasheet and those ANs. Plenty of them. The project worked OK. Why not you?

Saying "I don't know", once is enoguh. Now start reading to learn.


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lol, i have a rc car that runs off dtmf , the ic i used plugged in to headphone jack of "receiver cell phone " and outputs dtmf to 4-bit parallel, so it needed a cell phone & sim card to receive, and any other type of tone phone for transmit

how do you plan to connect phone to circuit?
do you have the circuits already?
.... that is the first step....before thinking about code

1)hook up relay circuit to pic * 8pins
2)hook up dtmf decoder to pic * 4pins + 4 more for ack and such
3) learn to switch relays
4) learn to read parallel bus & handshake with dtmf chip
5) bind the 2
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