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PIC- 16F886 LP oscillator issue

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Hi all:
I am attempting to simulate a INTOSC , 8Mhz clocked 16f886 with a secondary 'counter' LP oscillator in ISIS 7.10....
Now from section 6.4 of the datasheet.
It seems that Timer 1 can count 32768 Hz independently of the Internal Clock once TRISC0,1 are hi and T1OSCEN is set.
Well I can't get TMR1L/H to count this internal LP clock pulses at all...but IF I input a 32768 pulse into T1ck1...it happily counts.
Placing a 32768 crystal and 12pF caps to gnd on the T1OSO,T1OSI inputs makes no difference.

Any help is appreciated.
It seems I might have to add additional circuity to get a 32.768 Khz signal.
crystal clock.png
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