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Philips vs JBL


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I am basically from india and i am willing to buy a speaker for my laptop i want good quality sound with good bass. i have two options with me in the price range which i can afford.
1. JBL creatre III 2.1 Multimedia speakers is bass really very low in this speaker

2. Philips MMS4040F 2.1 multimedia speakers


Which one should i choose from these two.. kindly help me i am concerned about the sound quality and bass . is this philips speaker is having more bass than JBL.
Thanx... :)


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Read the online reviews about them.
The JBL is said to have too much heavy bass and is missing some midrange sounds. But sounds good when equalized.
The Philips seems to be available only in India and there is at least one person online comparing it with the JBL and liking the Philips better.

The JBL has 34W output and the Philips has 4000W output (Hee, hee. That is actually the lies it is advertised with). They both probably actually produce 15W or less before clipping.


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PMPO: power for marketing purposes only, i too realize that nowadays...


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American JBL is Oriental now. Philips has not made good audio systems for many years. I do not know what cheap audio junk is sold only in India.

I paid only $25.00 for a little 2.1 audio system that sounds fine. I use it for my pc and TV in my computer room. It is rated at 150W total or 75W RMS but is powered by a little transformer stamped with "9.9VA" and it uses little class-AB amp ICs that are about 65% efficient. Then if the transformer is running at its rating, the real total power is no more than 6W RMS which is more than enough. It produces most of the entire audio range of frequencies, lots of smooth bass and sizzling highs.
Each satellite speaker has two midrange speakers and what looks like a soft-dome tweeter but the domes are actually vents.


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