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pc monitor to tv conversion???

Is it possible to turn a monitor into a tv?

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New Member
Hi is there any way I could turn a computer monitor into a tv?
if not is theree a way I could build a tv?

Thanks, Rob


New Member
I vote yes but... If you plan to keep the monitor attached to a computer there are ISA cards available to perform this function for around $70 - you just attach an antenna or cable to the card. BTW, some of these cards produce a window and not a full screen picture and some require an advanced graphics driver card - just things to think about.


Active Member
Directly:NO because the VGA monitors horizontal frequency started from 31.5kHz, can`t synchronized to TV signal (PAL 625 rows 15.625kHz),and no contains any color decoder and synchron separator (RGB and H-sync. V-sync. inputs).
The simplest way to buy an old CGA monitor (i have also with composite video input) and build into a chroma decoder and sync.-separator. (good project...)
The "black-box" between TV and VGA also existiert,but very expensive.
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