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Panasonic rs-820s repair help request

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So I recently bought a 1970 Panasonic 8-track player because..... well I just like how older equipment looks I guess. When I tested it at the thrift store it sounded pretty good but when I got home and spent some time listening to it I noticed the right channel is hissing/distorted. I would think this is a bad capacitor but I can't find any that look bulged or leaking. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Here is what I have tested so far.

The system sounds better when it has been off for several hours, still some distortion but not much. It takes several minutes to get bad.
The distortion is on the right channel and goes away if I move the balance all the way to the left.
The distortion doesn't go away if I turn the sound all the way off.
Swapped speakers and the distortion is always whatever speaker is on the right channel.
Checked FM, AM, phono input and AUX input and the distortion is the same.
The distortion gets louder if I move the treble or base slider up.

That is all I know for now, thanks in advance.

I have a schematic but it won't upload to this site so I have a Google Docs link.
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