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Paint a LED strip?

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Time for my daftest question ever, but I don't mind as you guy are helpful...

If I wanted to paint over the non-LED parts of an RGB LED strip (non-waterproof) would that be OK, or is paint conductive? Even if paint is conductive, does it even matter at all?

Would the tracks you can see on the LED strip get 'joined' if I painted over the whole thing, or is this not even a concern that I need to bother with?


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Paint is rarely conductive. Water based paints will conduct a bit when wet, but not when dry.

The voltages on an LED as small so a little bit of leakage is unlikely to stop things working.

Where voltages are low and leakage currents don't matter, water won't stop electrics. I've seen a conventional battery torch working fine when flooded with water.

Obviously that doesn't apply if there are big voltages or sensitive components anywhere near where you are thinking of adding paint.
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