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output power calculation TDA2030A 12V DC


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TDA2030A can't work properly or give high power at single 12Volts coz it's designed for split supply.
No. The datasheet for the TDA2030A clearly shows a single polarity supply and a split supply. But with a total of only 12V (its minimum allowed voltage) its output power is so low that it is not shown.

Also, since the company has discontinued it's production, it's fake version is manufactured by some companies which doesn't meet the safety standards as the original. So it gets burnt even at 12-0-12 volts, 1A transformer operation. It's available online at Amazon but the quality is not 100% guaranteed that it's original. It's really very sad. I really miss this IC as my home theater contains this IC.
Correct. Both the old TDA2030 and its newer sister the TDA2030A are obsolete and cheap copies might be made "over there".


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