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Oshonsoft Basic and SD Cards

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Has any other user of SD Card Oshonsoft Basic been successful in getting the following commands to work.?

SDCardFAT32FileExists and SDCadFAT32Dir

So far I have been able to Init, Create, Write, Append, Close and Delete files OK.

I am using a 18F4520 PIC, 8Gb SD Cards and a USB SD Card Writer/Reader for checking the SD Card files, also to format the cards for FAT32 use.

There also appears to be two other problems.

I have been unable to construct a new file name that the Compiler will allow, it appears that the any file name has to be written as part of the main program.

Also after a Card File Read operation the file-length is zeroed!, so its not possible to Write/Append any further data to the file.


I did raise a bug report to Vlaidir sometime ago regarding the File-exists and Dir, but got no useful reply.

If others are experiencing the same problems I will re-contact Vlad and tell him its got to be fixed.
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hi Ian,
My project is working fine on all the FAT32 commands except the two commands that will not execute,, the file exists command locks up the program.

For a temporary get around of the file-exists and the 'fixed' file names, I am using the PIC's internal eeprom to save a file incremented count value, then use that value in a Select Case routine.
case 0
create or append file0.txt
Write 10, 1
case 1
create or append file1.txt
Write 10,2


It's a little crappy but it enables me to move forward with my project.

I have also posted my initial post/thread to Oshonsoft/Yahoo group.

Ian Rogers

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I tend not to use Oshonsoft anymore.... Things keep changing plus I have now transferred all of my code to XC8 so it suits me better!! I use the SD routines from Motty22's web pages... They are that petite fat... Works okay on a pic16f4620...
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