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Oshonsoft and TinyBootloader


New Member
Has anyone been able to successfully load a PIC with an Oshonsoft hex file generated by the PIC18 simulateride using Tinybootloader and get it to run.
Ive been doing this for years using the simpler pics and the hex files generated by PIC16 simulateride and the original picsimulator ide and both work fine, but the PIC18 simulateride hex files dont.
Ive just started using PIC18F chips.
I suspect that Ive found the problem, but rather than reinvent the wheel if anyone has found the same problem and has a fix it would be great.


New Member
Found a fix for this although its a bit cludgy.
For those who may be interested, the reason I use a serial bootloader is so I can reprogram PICs in circuit via radio using these types of 434 Mhz tranceivers (HC-11) , which allows programs to be modified without having to go outside to where the project is running.

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