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OrCAD PCB Designer Mirror Object

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For some reason i can't post in cadence forums access is denied, so i thought i could post here.

How to mirror a transistor whitout changing layer ?

When i mirror a transistor or other component it always change layer, so if its on top it flips to the bottom, but i just want all the components on the top layer, not in the bottom.

Rotate or Spin comand does't work because i want to switch the base of a transistor with the emitter, for example if its placed like this "B - E" i want to change to "E - B".

"Do not use the Mirror command, which is different from the commands in Capture: Here is means that the component should be placed on the bottom of the PCB rather than the top. Our designs are not that ambitious."

Other problem is on the Menu -> Route -> Connect F3, when i connect any component it connects whit a green color (which means is on the top), but i wan't to route everything on the bottom so the color should be all yellow, but i don't know how to do that, in which menu i can configure this?


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Don't know about OrCad, but Eagle works the same way. That is because the package view is standard top to bottom and conventional numbering. The only way you can change that in Eagle, I think, is to make a variant.

Not clear why you want to do that. Maybe if you explained what you wanted to do, you might get a better answer. Is it because you are using one device for a transistor with the EC pins reversed?
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