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Online Power Controller - Need Help


I'm Building an Online Power Controller which can switch various appliances or any switches by relay controlled by Arduino which is connected to CC300 to get the command from the Server.

one of my plan is to control a Stand Fan which has 3 switches, Low, Medium, and High.
But I'm planning not to open or solder any part of the Stand Fan but just plug the stand fan on the outlet lying over the prototype.

I've seen the circuit of Ceiling Fan which uses different Capacitance and it is different to stand fan which uses different Coils or resistance.
and Ceiling fan only uses two wires from control to fan, while stand fan uses 4 wires from control to fan.

My question is, can i use the Circuit of ceiling fan to control the speed of the stand fan?

Note that i don't want to open the stand fan or any wirings of it.


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If your stand fan has a remote control, you could simulate its signals.


My Stand Fan is not controlled by remote and it has 3 switches like a regular stand fan.. http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/106423749/PJ_8101_18_Stand_Fan.jpg

And yes I'm planning to simulate IR Signals either build my own IR Remote or tap to the existing remote or Universal Remote to control appliances like TV, Radio Component, Etc.

But what I'm trying to Achieve right now is to electronically switch the Stand Fan by the use of the Ceiling Fan Circuit with Relay or similar..,


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Probably the fan will run slower if you add capacitors like the ones in a Ceiling Fan. I don't know what value of caps will work for that fan.
S1,S2,S3 are three relays.
If S1,S2,S3 are all open the fan is off.
If S3 is closed the small cap is in and the fan is slow.
If S2 is closed the large cap is in and the fan is faster.
If S2 & S3 are closed the fan is faster yet.
If S1 is closed the fan is at full speed.

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