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Not able to flash code in ESP32

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Hi, I was giving a try to the new esp32 board but while flashing code through Arduino ide, Although I did install ESP32 USB drivers and tried to press boot button to flash but still not able to flash the code in windows OS, in MAC OS it's working fine

Any suggestion on this will be a great help.


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Did you select the exact ESP32 board that you are using?
Does your board have usb connector or do you have a serial adapter cable?

dr pepper

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Esp8266 type #1 needs a pin grounding to put it in program board, if thats what your using.


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Flashing normally refers to rewritting the firmware. Why do you need to do that? Or, do you mean compiling a sketch?



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I may be wrong here, but try holding the button until a light comes on.
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Hi, I have tried the process of holding the boot button while uploading code through Arduino and then press the reset button while connecting process starts but still the same problem.
Note: I am using USB connector is available I am trying access through this only.

dr pepper

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yup sorry, a little number dyslexic.
I was thinking esp8266.

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