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Non Ceramic resistor codes?

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without the color bands... how do you read these?

it says
line 1: 12BX
line 2: 102K
line 3: 9702

can i assume this is a 102Kohm resistor?
if so thats odd because i didn't order any of those.... duno why they would have given me the rest ceramic and this one not?

any ideas?



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maybe because Joe had to many of those so he decided to send them to everyone who orders something :lol:


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i tink that tha last line is a serial number or something, not related to is value, the first might be the package(i wonder..), nut the second line means 10*100=1000ohms, 1 k, and the k indecates the tolarnace, i think it is 5%, but im not sure.

Dean Huster

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Nasty little codes

I'd say that the first line is the "model number". Regardless of the value, all the resistors of that power rating and design will have that number.

The second line is the value, and I'd defer to the previous posting that it's likely 1K and 10%. However, 102 is a standard 1% value ......

The last line is probably a date code. Likely the part was made in week 02 in 1997.

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