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NG asks 'Do you knit ? '


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I'll post this here to avoid hijacking the thread .. .. .. .. .

An embarrassing moment .. .. .. .
My mother began her working life as an 'Under House Parlour something or other ' to the Bird family, of Bird's Custard fame; she eventually progressed to the grand title of 'Cook'. As children part of the regime she enforced was that all 5 children were taught to cook, clean etc and also to knit & sew. Indeed, I made a small fortune at university stitching buttons back on shirts etc for others who couldn't do it.

Fast forward to my first serious girlfriend, taken home for tea to meet her parents. We were later sat in front of a TV when girlfriend's mother suddenly let out a yell because the excitement of whatever we were watching had led her to pull the stitches off whatever she was knitting. After a struggle and a few choice words she threw knitting on the floor in disgust.

Being a polite boy, I picked it up for her and was surprised that I could see the remedy, and even more embarrassed when I was able to sit and repair the damage too.

Could I do it now ? You gotta be joking .. .. .. but brownie points at the time ? Boxfuls !!


Nigel Goodwin

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A surprising number of men do knit (not me though), and in fact my daughter learnt to crochet while an intern in the Netherlands - a number of them, both men and women, got together and taught themselves to crochet.

A number of years ago, the landlord of my local pub used to knit behind the bar - as he was 6 foot 8, built like a brick s**thouse, and a scot called Kenny - no one every made fun of him :D

I did try and learn to knit as a child (perhaps my mother was looking for slave labour?), but failed at it - I could only seem to knit triangles.


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As a child I both knitted and crocheted, taught by my grandmother. Not tried for many years but think it's a muscle memory thing and would just fall straight back into it. Just need to get the muscle memory for juggling now.



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Only one Knitter here in this house. problem seems to be that there are no wool shops , well very few . yet I see farmers say it isn't economic to sell the wool for yarn now, so goes to compost, insulation and the like


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When I was a child, I sewed with a treddle sewing machine. I upolstered by first car's seats when I was 15 using that machine.
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