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Newbie with Big Project Goal - 25 LED Candles wireless control

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Hi I am interested in controlling 25 LED modules (each module with RGB LED) wirelessly (433mhz which is cheaper than wifi).

My ultimate goal is to build a program that will let me run these modules synchronously with a song. I don't know if it would be better that these modules store specific programs they execute or if there is master controller that tell them simple commands via radio/wifi.

Basically I want to do this:

I am not an electrical engineer so treat me like an fool please. Any help is appreciated. I just have no idea where to start.

In all honestly I would like to do this for my wedding reception and cost is a major factor so I would like to do this as cost efficient as possible.


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The LEDs in the video are not driven from the sounds in the music but are driven from a piece of software that was programmed to go with the music. Who will design the program and who will program the devices?
Sometimes an LED simply turns on and off and at other times it slowly brightens and fades. The colors appear to be random. Why 25 LED modules? For 25 tables?

Instead of programming you can have a few LEDs driven by the loudness of a few frequency ranges in the music sound. Bass, midrange and highs. Any sounds in the room will trigger the LEDs. Wireless is not needed since each module will have its own microphone.


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You could turn it into just a "color organ" Break the audio into 3 frequency bands and use one color for each. The audio intensity in the band controls the specific color.
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