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Newbie seeks help with automatic aerial project

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Hi guys,
First, thanks for any help you can give. This is really appreciated.

I am trying to use an automatic car aerial to create a gadget where a sign will rise when a button is pushed. I have the footswitch and the aerial but I am having trouble getting the aerial to work. Details of the aerial can be found here:
Maplin Electronics ? Website- Bgrade 7Inch Netbook

what I really need to know is:

a) What powersource can I use and can I avoid having to buy a full car battery?
b) should this be as simple as rigging the green wire to the negative and the red to the positive via a switch and fuse, or am I missing something

Thanks again for any help you can give. I look forward to hearing your replies


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Your link does not point to a motorized antenna. If it is built for a car, it will require 12VDC at about 3A. Any 12VDC power supply which is rated for at least 3A will power it.

There may be three wires to it. Gnd, 12V, and UP. To go up tie 12V and UP to +12V, and gnd to -12V on the supply. To go down, leave 12V connected to +12V on the supply, but disconnect UP.
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