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newbie question! where do i get more???

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Hi all,

This is my first time here. I took one course on Robotics last Spring and got insterested, now I want to know more about it. I am interested more in the programming side and more complex movement (eg. precise hand movements, multi-legged rovers) Does anybody have suggestions where should I hang around to learn more?

Thank you all.


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By now you will have had a look around the web and seen what others have tried before and what kits are available. Most of the simple walkers are based on an insect like motion. Though nasa has been very interested in the robotic snake concept. An often forgotton type of walker is the monopod, it bounces upon a single pneumatic leg like a pogo stick.The leg is moved a few degrees by actuators to achieve direction control and to maintain balance when "stationary".
It should be noted that the kangeroo has an incredibly energy efficient system of locomotion for covering large distances....
As for complex motion here's a teaser for you, how does an object with three legs walk?
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