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New to the hobby...scale questions

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Hi all,

I would like to start what I'm sure is a fun and educational hobby in electronics. I did spend some time in the Navy and recieved their basic electricity and electronics (BEE) training, so I'm not totally in the dark even though most of the stuff I actually worked on was barely from the solid state era.

Here's my first of many questions. I have a particular PCB that I would like to make. I can get a .PDF of the PCB layout but I don't think it is to the proper scale. The header on the .PDF says scale=1.21 and I would need to reverse the second side .PDF to have things work out on the other sideof the PCB. So, how can I reduce the size, insure proper alignment of components and make a reverse image of the second side layout?

Not open for further replies.

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