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new to everything

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hey all
i'm a newb at this electronics stuff.. been hoping i can get some help.. i just wanna know where i should start off.. i haven't bought anything cuz i don't know what to buy ot what to build. i just need like a list of things to buy and a few beginners projects..




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While the basics aren't specific to anything in particular it often helps to connect your interest in electronics with something else. In my case I use my electronics knowledge with my ham radio hobby. My son applied the basics that I taught him to car stereo systems. The basics can be fun all by itself too.

I suppose that one thing to have on hand is a VOM (Volt-Ohm-Meter) or better yet, a DVM (Digital VoltMeter). That will enable you to measure voltage, current, resistance and some other things. Look around for electronics training breadboards - an alternative might be to build one yourself.

Networking, in a personal sense, will help you advance quickly. I have access to lots of electronics stuff and pass lots of it on to friends in the area. I do that because others did it for me. There might be clubs or organizations in your area - ham radio, radio control, robotics, etc.

Many of us take advantage of discarded appliances, computers, radios, etc as a source of parts.

Good luck.


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I agree get yourself a MultiMeter. You dont need an expensive one tostart with. Get yourself a $20 pocket meter. Goto a book store, Barnes and Nobels or something and pick up a book on Basic electronics and also pic up a book with some beginners projects in it. Read the basics book for a while and when you start to lose intrest pick up the project book and try building something.

Get a breadboard. Not only beginners use them but more advanced technicians use them also.

Things that you want to work towards getting.

  • Breadboards
    DMM (Digital MultiMeter) - Dont waste money at this point in time keep it cheep.
    Variable Power Supply (0-30 volts) These can be expensive. Check Ebay
    Oscope (This is not needed as a beginner and are very expensive)
    Parts (Get some parts Draws and start building your parts collection)

Learn the basics. My teachers in college kept telling me if there is anything that i need to remember its the very first things ill ever learn such as frequency formulas and ohms law and mostly all the basic formulas. I did not listen and now im on this site because i forgot everything and need to re learn it. So dont stop practicing the basics. You will need to use them again.
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