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New here, thought I would Say hi, I should fit in well here!


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I am a 'tinkerer' if you will. I like to find new and or strange ways of doing things.

Here is part of my shop.

Here was a project I made that would shift the 'metered' power the actual power pulled,
Power is pulled from the non metered center tap and returned one the hot legs.

Here is some high voltage Photo Art I did,

60KV from a Xray transformer.

Made my own Solar flares by using high voltage DV and a magnetic field with fire.

My X ray transformers,

Small Tesla coil I built for feild demos at my work,
It was an off the shelf model, I tore apart and completely rebuilt to be more powerful and efficient.

Here is a current project in the works, a full 'bench top' power supply, 0-30amps 0-240VAC/DC with variable current limiting and safety interlocks.

Here is a 40mA HeNe laser project I was working on, built the power supply for it 10KVDC

And last the 1.2MV Tesla coil at my work. 45,000Watts

Like I said I do things in strange ways. Few of my projects.

I built my own 300amp Mig welder.

I am lacking the pictures at present, but I took (2) Alternators and made them into a push pull audio power amplifier! Will have to dig up the video.

Here was a Guitar hero interface I built.


And here was me testing out the new Xray transformer. It pulls 50amps at 220V and can output 80KV

The transformer is about 400lbs.


As you can tell, I am defiantly a random person when it comes to my projects.

I will be sure to share my future projects if anyone is interested.


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Those are some great projects, DJDAudio! I think you'll like it here, and learn a lot, too. This is a great forum!

Welcome to Electro-Tech! :D

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