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Need Urgent help, I'm just a few steps away

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Hi all,

I'm currently working on a project for my final class project and I decided to build this PIC16f84 Simple Combination Lock from Wesley J Moore, this is the page;


It is a simple PIC combi lock with 7-seg and dip switch with 4 buttons

the problem is, the picture in the website is so unclear, and I can't seem to figure out how to connect the PIC pins to the 7-seg and the DIP switches

this is the picture:

Now, I'm running out of time, and I've combined the Circuit with RB0-RB6 of the PIC connected to seg a to g of the 7-seg, and the RB7 connected to the decimal point, while the anodes goes to Vcc

while the PORT A is connected to the DIP switches, I cannot figure out how to connect it from the picture, so I connect them this way by logic:

RA0-RA3 to pin number 1-4 of the DIP switches, and the RA4, which I thought will read the 'enter' command provided by the fourth DIP switch (the fourth acted as an enter button, which is switched up and down to make it read the first 3 numbers of the PIN, I think the RA4 is used to read it when it is switched down)

but with all this, I connect it to 5 v Power supply (a 9V DC battery with a 7805)

and it wouldn't light even one segment, its like, totally nothing happened but the 7805 warmed up and the PIC too, but not hot, just warm.

I'm totally confused, can someone help me please?

I've build the asm file with MPLAB IDE, and it works fine, no errors, just a message telling like :

''Register in operand not in bank 0. Ensure that bank bits are correct''

and have downloaded it to the IC with AllMax.

I cannot understand the program though, but I seemed fine.

I've checked the 7-seg and it is in perfect condition, all the segments light with corresponding pin tested(with a battery) so I think it is not the problem.

the possible cause is maybe the PORT B output should be connected on an opposite condition, I mean RB7 to segment a, and RB0 for decimal point?

or maybe it is the PORT A input, the RA4 is supposed to be connected somewhere else?

I don't have any Idea what to do now... :(

Need lots of help, urgent please hurry.. :(
thanks a lot


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Hmm, I can't seem to find the resume, where is it exactly?

both the mit and the hotmail doesn't reply, I need help, and fast too, thanks a lot for replying my post :D


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Got his resume, but the hotmail one doesn't work too,

Just emailed him, but I only got a few hours left until deadlie, just don't know what to do, :cry:

Hope any of you can help


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Hello all, sorry I didn't help out at the time with this, I don't ever recall receiving any e-mails - not sure why the hotmail address didn't work, it should have. How did you end up going? Sorry about the poor quality of the image. I guess I should redo that image. I'm currently in the process of redoing my website. I will look into it when I get up to those pages.



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:lol: About a year too late...
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