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Need to designe and build a PC monitor with led's

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Hy ... This is a proyect that i started in 1985, did not have the money then , but now i'm making the time to do it, i have an MS degree in industrial electronics, but dont have much design experiance

have seen some of the designes on the web from color to red o bi-color
i'm separating the proyect in to several parts.

1.- the modular matrix and driver designe
( will designe to be flexible in size - and decide on how to drive it )
2.- the video interfase designe
( has to conect directly to a PC computer - as any other monitor )
( need to decide on the format VGA-Super VGA etc. )
3.- the software
( will try to compensate harware with programing as much es posible )
4.- and last, starting to build ......
( need to star making small matrix prototipes in order to get the # of colors intensity an to see y i can use the new high brigthnes leds )

so here it goes mi firs step :oops: .....

does any one know where i can get a diagram or a schematic from a led display that can display color graphics so i can get some designe ideas :?:

can any one point me in the direction of what type of prossesor can i use for the led controler, in order to start learning how it works and what tipe of development package can i use for that processor :?:

need to start learning how PC work with diferent type of displays
can any one sugest a page or a book :idea:

this is the area the area that i see most dificult (the designe of the video interfase ) :idea: :?: :x :shock:

any help is apreciated...
Not open for further replies.

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