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Need some Help..

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Hello everyone,new to the board.I have been into electronics for about 10 or so years as a hobby.I have a vocational cert.,and some college ,so I have the basics down.I have been wanting to get into the PIC circuits and programming but am not sure where to start.Can someone give me some information on what websites,or books are good to read and get a good foundation on the theory.What is a good circuit set to start with?What programmer do I use?Finally what will the initial investment be?Thank you ahead of time for the help..... :)


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For starters try microchips website www.microchip.com
Also www.piclist.org
One good thing about PIC's is ,there is no shortage of info on them.
You can find many free programmers around the net, personally I have had the best luck with EPIC PLUS from www.melabs.com
For books , Myke Predko has a pretty good one on the PIC's www.myke.com
Your initial investment can be very small, considering you can get free development software(Depending on your choice in programming language) and free microcontroller samples from microchip.


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hello Rescue1
i have only recently started programming pic's as well.
As eclipsed said above http://microchip.com is the best place to get your pics (after all they are free).

THe programmer was my real problem, i have tried creating my own with no success and many shop bought ones didnt work either. So i went for a simple olimex pg2 programmer http://www.olimex.com/dev/pic-pg2b.html
i find the best thing about it is you dont even need a power supply to program. i thought it was extremely cheap as well (£7)

This last week i have really been trying to learn assembly and i have found http://www.mstracey.btinternet.co.uk/pictutorial/picmain.htm
very useful. It goes through step by step on the basics of programming

Hope this helps

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