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Need some equivelant transistors for australia!

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anyone got an alternative to MJE521 NPN power transistor and MJE371 PNP power transistor that i could purchase inside australia? Ive read everyone elses posts but i cannot find any of the equivelants stated could i use something with similar ratings? or is that what im doing anyway?


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MJE371: Si PNP 40V 4A
MJE521: Si NPN 40V 3A

The datasheet show nothing special, recommend for audio amp.
Give me a link to a parts distributor in Your country, and - i hope - can found in the part-list replacement.


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:D hi,

try TIP32 - 40w 40v 3MHz 3A (TO220)
TIP31 - 40w 40v 3MHz 3A (TO-220)

hope this helps :D

heres somemore; 2N6124 PNP 40w 45v 2.5MHz 4A (TO-220)
2N6121 NPN 40w 45V 2.5MHz 4A (TO-220)

NA51 NPN 40x 45v 2.5MHz 4A (TO-220)
NA52 PNP 40w 45v 2.5MHz 4A (TO-220)


You could try a TIP31 (NPN) and TIP32 (PNP), however the case is different - it is a TO-220, whereas your MJE521/371 is a TO-225AA, and the gain is slightly lower.

EDIT: mozik - you are too quick for me!! (look at the time of our posts...) :lol:


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thanks guys the tip31 and 32 are easily available in melbourne and thats all the info i need YOU GUYS A GREAT :D
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