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need prototyping ideas

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good day to all.
i'm at my senior year of college and needs a prototype to pass.
two months, still no have decent idea.
need help.
anything that has to do with electronics yet simple and buildable.
my skill level is just intermediate.

thanks a lot.


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Could do a PIC frequency meter?
I saw a lot of them, but mostly based on LCD "intelligent" displays. A PIC could drive direcly a group of 7 segment LED display.
Another thing that it seems _nobody_ did up today is to use the PIC to measure the period, then calculate the inverse and display the frequency. This makes for much faster and precise measure of low frequency, as e.g. 50 Hz, or 441 Hz for tuning a musical instrument.

If you want something easier (and less innovative) you could try a function generator based in the ICL 8038 IC. The data sheet is informative enough, and in the web you can find example plans (you could start from that plans and customize). There is a much better (and expensive) IC from Maxim; is ??038, I cannot recall the entire name.
how about a light powerd flash light. Hook up a photocell to a transistor and have the transister control the light bulb. if you do it right it will be a light sensitive dimmer also. Hey it's something electronic. It maybe dumb and have no usful purpose but you'll be the talk of the class


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I'd be interested in seeing a good FM receiver with digital PLL tuning.

Use standard commercial IC's such as Phillips TDA7088 with an external PLL tuner made by Phillips or Motorolla and interface the two.

I'd really like to see a guide on how to replace traditional mechanical tuning with a PLL circuit to control the tuning.

Good intermediate project. I'm a student myself and thought it'd be a cool project. All the stuff i've seen on the web have been pretty outdated or didn't explain what you have to take into consideration when replacing the mechanical tuning circuit that you get from the datasheet of commercial chips and making it a digital one.


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college project

As a thought, what about a beer ID unit. A light and sensor to check the light transmission of the beer to detect mild pales from dark lagers, and calibrated for each step in between and so forth. Add in a probe to test for conduction, a thermister to check temp. (is it right for drinking), surface sound detector (small mic element and a surface screen to detect noise of bubbles bursting on the surface,(has the beer gone flat). You can even add in actual sensor elements to detect beer motion within the glass, and it there is none, it spins to stir he beer for a more oxygenated beverage. Let your humor and your mind have free run. :twisted:
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