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Need help with random number generator

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i have successfully build this "random number generator" http://www.ljgroup.com/techsupport/c_support/curric_update/product/scantek/st140/us/1403_ds11.pdf
i have linked four of these together so it can be used for a members draw at a local pub but i need to be able to limit the maximim number eg. at this stage they only have 2000 members so i nned it to pick a randum number between 1 - 2000.
the circuit uses a 555 timer a 4029 ad 4511 ic. I want to ad a rotary switch so i choose the maximum number it will cycle to egd.0- 2 (so the max it will land on is 2000 . The 4029 ic simply counts from 0 - 9 , so i basically want it reset when it hits the preset i have selected.

ROY H posted a pic of the IC i need but i cant get it to work, is the picture i have posted the correct way of doing it, the pic is if i wanted the digit to stop at 5.
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