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need help with getting 5v dc .42 A

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I have a small fan that needs this... DC 5v .42 A... I don't have the money to get all the stuff for it but I have figured out how to set up 2 leds with with stuff i have now. Ive been using a 9volt 350 Ma for the leds with a buncha weak resistors plus a few I took out of one of those water fall pictures with the light in there and the thing that makes it look like its moving... the ones i took out of that were way better than the ones i got from radio shack. these suck... anyways I cant use this supply with the fan because the amperage is to low and the volts are to high... I really have no idea what im doing and I dont know how to read the little lines on the resistors because it makes no sense to me because how the hell do you know which line is the first line... the people who made these are dumb. some of them are easy to tell because some of them have a color in the first line that the last 2 cant have. but even then I dont understand ohms and all that stuff. This is what I have..

1 computer fan. (DC 5v .42A

2 SHB leds (FW current 20mA/FW supply 3.2V [3.8V max]

2 UHB leds (FW current 20mA/FW supply [2.4V max]

I'm guessing that I need to create 3 plugs with a buncha weird stuff on the ends but that is a electrical noob thinking. Help me out. :D
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