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Need help with a problem

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I have a HM ps-202 controller for water purification and when I turn on my solenoid valves for the the tds goes out of control, the values instantly spike from 0 to 900 tds. Whats my problem? I have narrowed it down to the power supply. Everything is in the van run by a pure sin wave honda generator the eu7000is. The only way the controller will give me normal values is when the solenoid valves are powered up through the generator and the tds controller is powered directly by my house outlet and not from the generator. I need them to be able to both run off the generator though. Please get back to me ASAP as I need this running for work. Have someone who knows electronics very well get back to me please.


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I assume that TDS is Total Dissolved Solids, and that the contoller is one of these:- http://hmdigital.com/product/ps-202/

Run the controller from a battery. As the controller runs from 110 / 240 V AC, you will need an inverter to run it, but the power consumption will be minimal so a small inverter can be used.

If you want a better long-term solution, the controller will contain a power supply to reduce 110/240 V down to some lower voltage, and it's probably quite easy to feed a lower voltage direct to the electronics of the controller and avoid using a big voltage at all.
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