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Need Help for the Part number what i am looking for.

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I am looking for part number or name that what I am looking for.....

The 7-Segment Led have BUILT-IN the BCD to 7-Segment. I do not want use 7447 or 4511.

Because the 7447 and 4511 DOES NOT support with Hex such A,B,C,D,E,F.

I know the DM9368 and others does same this, But I want BUILT IN the LED.

Anybody know what I talk about?

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And you are prepared to pay $20.00 for $1.00 worth of display and $1.00 worth of decoder chip????
It is expensive because it has a slighly nicer output than a normal 7-segment display. But $20.00 each is outrageous.
The junk markets in Hong Kong and Thailand have all these displays for $1.00 each.
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Yea I found some cheap.


I already made burn Eprom.... Use Address A0 to A3 for inputs (A4 to A7 to all ground) and use output D0 to D7 for 7-Segment display (nice?) and save money so reuse the eprom if never use it. that's called recycle the eprom.. ;) Of Course chip is too big. but well as long it's WORKED.

I have tons of eproms about over 100.

Of Course I own built eprom burner with 8255 and 80286 cpu. ;)

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