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Need help creating timer circuit

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I am building a chicken feeder that will only operate at certain times, and for a set duration. I would like to power a DC motor to turn on every day at 1pm and turn off at 1:05pm. What is the best way to do this? Should i try to use a 555 timer, or could I use a program using Arduino?

Heres the project...I'm going to mount an old fertilizer spreader I have to a wall inside a chicken coop by connecting it to the bottom of a 55gal barrel with a hole in it. This particular spreader is controlled by the wheels spinning, so I'll take one wheel off and replace it with a bike chain sprocket. The other side of the chain will be mounted to another sprocket mounted on an old drill motor. Im going to attempt to write some sort of timing circuit to turn the drill on/off for certain period of time so the wheels turn and "spread" feed into the coop. All connected to a battery charged from a solar panel. If all else fails, I know the easy route is just using an AC drill plugged into a timer, but thats TOO easy

ANY help is greatly appreciated!



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Unless you have all the time in the world, get one of these, and power the project with 120Vac.

I have several of these timers and they work great.
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