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need help and advice!

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Hi all,

i need help regarding a project given by the school. It's very important so i would really appreciate all the help and advice that you all can provide me with.

My project is about designing a simple battery circuit with diode. I'm not really good with electronics so i don't know how to start with and doesn't know how to design one at all. can you guys help me ?
the battery used will be VARTA. Type Number: 55608. V80H. Its a nickel metal hydride battery.

Please do assist me. Thank You.


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You didn't post what the circuit is supposed to do.

A simple circuit containing a battery and a diode can be made to demonstrate how a diode can be used as a small bomb.

Safety precautions: Wear a leather suit and gloves and use a motor cycle helmet with the visor down.

Connect the anode to the positive battery terminal and the cathode to the negative one. The cathode side of the diode has a ring on the package marking it.

Done. :)


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hi, thanks for the advice.
okay, actually the project is about implementing proximity sensor and temperature sensor into the battery charging circuit.
but the first task to do will be creating a schematic circuit diagram to draw out a simple battery charging circuit using diode.
then after which, implement the circuit with the sensors so that the temperature sensor will only works when the products is charging.

regarding this that you said(i'm sorry but i really know nuts bout anything)
Connect the anode to the positive battery terminal and the cathode to the negative one. The cathode side of the diode has a ring on the package marking it.

erm, can you explain it ? sorry about it.
and, thank you so much for the help!
hope you would assist me more on this project.


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This project is far too complex for someone who doesn't know anything about electronics.
Select something much simpler.


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hi colin,

sighs, i doesnt have a choice to choose. it is given by the teacher and i cant request to change it.

Nigel Goodwin

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So far what you've asked makes no sense, do you have the project in writing?, if so post EXACTLY what it says, don't leave anything out.

It only makes sense if it specified a LIGHT EMITTING DIODE.


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Can you also use precisely correct English, with capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and singular words to represent single items.
English is a precise language, just like electronics and if we replied in gibberish, you would not be ible to compreehend waht we are torking about.


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okays. i will now type the whole assignment out. it's a little confusing and the parts doesnt contained proximity sensor because it was a added on request from the teacher.

And also provided is a Cypress PSoC First Touch product. model number: CY3270. It's a First Touch Expansion card connecting to a FTPC bridge with inbuilt proximity sensing, temperature sensor and also a touch sensing slider to control the LED colour.( however i have trouble finding the program codes while using the program to try out the different functions for the sensors.)

This is what was given to me, (thanks for taking time to read through!)
Title Of Project : Development of a battery charging circuit with temperature sensing + proximity sensing.

In this project, the student will be developing a battery charging circuit with temperature sensing for applications in home device such as alarm clock. In the first phase of this project,student will learn on the operations of the CYPRESS PSOC development kit and be familiar with the development environment and its sample program for temperature sensing with buzzer to indicate overcharging. In addition, the student will have to understand the connections in sensing circuit.This is to enable the integration of the temperature sensing circuit with the battery charging solution such that the temperature sensor will only operates during charging.

In the second phase of this project, students will be designing and implementing battery charging circuit. In addition,the student will also be integrating the battery charging circuit with the temperature sensor. the student is required to demonstrate the developed work as a standalone device to support battery charging solution with temperature sensing for prevention of overcharging and safety of operations.

Through this phase, students should have
a) basic understanding of temperature sensing with buzzer warning
b) basic understanding of Cypress PSOC development environment
c) design and develop a battery charging solution with temperature sensing
d) implementation of the designed solution for home devices such as an alarm clock

In this project, basic understanding of temperature sensing will be involved with good exposure to the Cypress Psoc development tools. Students will have to characterize the sensors performance followed by the implementation of the sample programs to display the appropriate results through the on board LED/Buzzer. Student will also have to develop a battery charging circuit to work with the temperature sensor.

The next phase of this development will require the integration of the PSOC kit with the battery charging circuit into a single solution. The temperature sensing will only operate during charging and once the charger is removed, the temperature sensor will not operate so as to minimize power consumption. this phase of the project will be deemed completed when the system is packaged as a product to charge the battery for an alarm clock and proven to work with simulated over heating.

- Understand temperature sensors and battery charging circuit design
- Develop the hardware battery charging circuit with temperature sensing
- Package the solution as a standalone product for demonstration

Thats everything given to me.
Was brief by the teacher and given tasks to do research on everything about all of this.
But having some difficulties understand the Cypress PSOC development kit cause it didnt state alot and also understanding temperature sensors and battery charging circuit design. I have checked out the different kind of sensors but as for understanding circuits( which the teacher thinks that it's very important) it's quite hard for me.
Task given is that the alarm clock implementation will be put on hold till i finish all the first phase.
I would have to search for circuits, to create a battery charging circuit using diode method with the battery ,VARTA. Type Number: 55608. V80H. Its a nickel metal hydride battery.
In addition, i have to understand the connections in sensing circuit which i have totally no ideas of!

It's a very long post and for whoever who are reading it and helping me, Thank You so much.


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What class is this? Looks like they just want you to learn how to use the Cypress development kits. More of a programming class (although I can't find any programming information on their site) than an electronics class is my guess.

I would just start going through the Cypress manuals. Looks like everything you need is there, except the battery charging circuit. Not sure what they mean by a diode battery charger. Simple rectifier maybe? I doubt they could get more complex than that.

So you've had no basic electronics theory, but are expected to design a circuit? Or have you just not been paying attention and now have to catch up? Does the teacher have a working prototype to show you?


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Hi Smanches,
My class is under the ARG dept/group which I’m not sure what it really means. Yes, one of the important priority is learning the Cypress Development Kits. However the teacher emphasize that this project only consists only 10% programming and it’s really easy codes(which I can’t find!) I did went to the website to do research on the product itself but there was only limited source.
The means of creating a normal battery charging circuit using components like diode,” the normal way of designing and creating a prototype.” For the first task itself, he said it’s something simple.
I wasn’t very good with circuits and I have to start with the new project right after going back school after 6 months( holidays and attachment) and part of all the theories and stuffs has already became dusty. I’m sorry for not knowing anything and I would try my best to read up on it again.
No, I only have the cypress product whereby there is no battery charging circuit. However, I assume that what he want me to do by next week doesn’t involve the Cypress product yet. Because I was given a VARTA V80H battery and there wasn’t a need to implement the sensors into it till further weeks.
I would still need all the help and advices and information that you all can help and provide me with, and once again, thank you all !
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