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Need help about microcontroller and matlab

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hi ,

Plz can u tell me that how can i interface matlab and robot and matlab?

can matlab directly operated through microcontroller, i mean with matlab stored in rom and operated from there?

Is thr any gud option for image processing instead of matlab.

I knw these are basic question to ask, but plz ans.

Thnk u:)


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www.ni.com is down for maintenence. I know LabVIEW can interface with Matlab, so do a google search on "labview matlab"
You may be out of microcontroller territory Although there are versions of Labview for embedded applications, Mac, PC and linix they don't all share the same feature set.

LabView is unlike any language because it's graphical and is "data flow" based. When data is available to a vi, a Virtual Instrument), the vi executes. It's also very easy to develop routines that operate in parallel. Because of that capability it's possible to create "race conditions" that will result in unpredictable behavior.
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