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need assembly language programmer for AT89S52 in widows 7

Jon Wilder

Active Member
You mean you need an "assembler" and a "programmer"?

An assembler converts assembly source code into machine code in the form of a .HEX or .BIN file.

A programmer is the hardware that writes it to the chip. It doesn't much care what language the source code was written in as it only sees the assembled machine code file.

As mentioned above, MCU8051IDE has an integrated assembler as does Keil uVision. The free version of uVision has a 2K code space limit.

If you're using an Atmel AT89S series chip, the Atmel AT89ISP cable is a great programmer (AT89C series are not ISP programmable).
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Mike - K8LH

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Jon, please excuse me for reviving such an old thread...

Are you familiar with the AT89S52? I ask because I'd like to have a play with one, if I can come across one on-the-cheap...

It seems links for the MCU8051IDE are dead but I found another one called MIDE-51. Also, I came across a project that uses an Arduino as a serial (spi) 89S52 programmer.

I realize this is ancient technology but I thought it might be fun to play with.

Cheerful regards, Mike

Ian Rogers

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Hi Mike... You would be better off playing with the phillips 8051 series... I used a P89C668HBA... They come with a bootloader.. If you take a look here

The latest MCU8051IDE comes un-built and trying to find TCL compiler is hard work... I have an earlier version at work that supports SDCC C compiler and the assembler... I'll try and dig it out... Its at work somewhere..

The MCU8051IDE has moved here

Jon Wilder

Active Member
I've actually been using Keil uVision IDE, which comes with their A51 assembler and C51 compiler. Super simple to use IDE.

I use the Atmel AT89S8253 along with Atmel's AT89ISP programmer cable and AT89ISP software, but it requires a PC parallel port.

I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to design a programmer cable using an FTDI USB-SPI bridge chip such as the FT4222H. The AT89ISP software uses COM ports while the FTDI devices use FTDI's virtual COM port driver.
Now I haven't done it yet but I've toyed with the idea of making an UNO into a AT89S programmer. Atmel seems to have discontinued their AT89ISP cable and quite honestly, parallel port is so yesterday anyway.

I may also design a programmer cable with a FDTI FT221X USB-SPI bridge. Should be super simple to do. Since Atmel's software uses COM port drivers and FTDI has their virtual COM port driver it should work.
The AT89S8253 uses a slightly different programming algorithm from the AT89S52. While the AT89S52 uses a 3-byte protocol, the AT89S8253 uses a 4-byte protocol.

Did your dev board come with any programming software to use with it?

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