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Need advice on how to add multiplier to scale readout

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Hello all, I want to build a 1/14th scale semi truck weigh scale. I need a way to make an electronic scale readout multiply the actual model weight by 2500. Example a 1/14th scale loaded model truck which weighs actual 32 lbs to read out as 80,000 and everything in between. 16 lbs would read out as 40,000 etc. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could acomplish this? Thankyou, Darwin


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LED or LCD digital displays are usually built around a full scale reading of 199.9 for an input voltage of 199.9mV. Take whatever signal you have coming from the "weigh circuit" and simply attenuate it with a resistive divider or gain it up using a non-inverting op-amp gain stage so that you get the scale range you want.
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