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Need advice after brother in law messed up circuit board


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Hello everyone, I had a JBL flip 3 speaker and I let my wife's brother use it well he dropped it and the inductor from it broke off. I told him not to mess with it because I can probably fix it, well the idiot tried to put it back BUT he tried to super glue it back. He claims before he tried to super glue it back that just placing the loose inductor made it work again, but after he glued it back it stopped. I bought another inductor and tried putting it on there with no success. I know I need to clean the glue off, but just don't know if it's actually going to fix the problem or did the super glue just destroy it completely. I tried some rubbing alcohol but it still a slimy mess. Here are some pictures to show the damage. He isn't going to replace it because my wife treats him like he is a delicate flower even though he is in his late 30's. So either I am out a speaker or hopefully I can fix this. My poor choice in letting him use something :(
Picture 1
Picture 2

I hope I can recover this, and any help on what I should use to clean it up, any debonder's for circuit boards or anything else, I don't want to use a heat gun just because I am afraid it will melt other solder on the board. Any help would be great thank you


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Possibly try acetone - I know they use it to dissolve superglue in hospitals. Just try and get it off the pads though - don't soak the rest of the area in it.


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Acetone will get it off. See if your wife has clear nail polish remover. ;)

Then clean the area with isopropyl alcohol.

After it dries, then heat the pads with a soldering iron. There -will- be a stink from the super glue, so make sure you have good ventilation.


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make sure you get the glue off the pads on the inductor too....


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Acetone will get it off. See if your wife has clear nail polish remover.
Some nail polish removers have other than acetone as an ingredient which may not work as well.
Look for a bottle that's pure acetone or buy some from a hardware or paint store.


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crutschow: That's true. You have to read the label. :)

Usually the clear nail polish remover doesn't have the hand softeners that the others have.


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Super Glue is destroyed at 212 degrees (F) and solder melts at something over 700 degrees (F) so your soldering iron should be able to just destroy the super glue on its own.

With that being said though... I think that there are two problems here...

1 - The super glue is acting like an insulator and will need to be removed, nail polish remover has been mentioned but it is typically only 70% acetone and 30% water, hardware stores will have pure %100 acetone that will work better.

2 - In the second picture "Picture 2" in the lower left corner there is a chip there that says "807" on it (among other things) and it looks like the entire edge of the chip was chipped off or blow off, at least that it how it looks in the picture maybe its just dirty.

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