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Need a robotics or tech savvy person (I'll pay you)

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:) Need a robotics or tech savvy person to come up with a method to make this process automatic with a phone.

-begin phone call at a specific time
-dial 8 specific numbers
-wait for 2-3 seconds
-dial 6 specific numbers
-wait 2-3 seconds
-dial 4 specific numbers
-wait 2-3 seconds
-press the number 2

Needs to be able to do this guaranteed.
If you need to know what this is for, just ask and I will tell you. You would probably laugh. :p

I will definately compensate you for your services. I hope to get this done as soon as possible.

PLEASE e-mail me ASAP I will really be waiting for your contact.

e-mail is [email protected]

Thank you!
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You could just do it with a computer, software is probably available on the web for free. Don't see where the robotics part is involved. Could use a laugh, what's it for? Figure nuisance calls, or wake-up service.
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