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My Project

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Well I started this project about 4 years ago in hopes that I can make it to the Darpa challenge but I never managed to get there so I'm thinking of making it an open source project and just let people play with it and see where it goes.
It uses the phidget 8/8/8 board with a sonar sensor and 3 IR sensors along with a volt meter for the batteries. For obstacle avoidance it uses the sensors and a webcam running a software based on Aforge. It is powered by an Intel Atom in an Acer aspire one. It uses a GPS for navigation. It avoids any obstacles if it's deemed too high or too low to climb, and if it runs into something it thinks it can't get around it chooses another route while avoiding the previous one. It can also keep a set distance between moving objects. GPS co-ordinates are either entered on the laptop or you can enter them (like I did on the video) via a cell phone or pocket PC with bluetooth or WIFI.

It is entirely written in C# and Assembler. At this point its about 7900 lines of C code and 1100 lines of ASM.

YouTube - Rotoconcept Proximiter test runs
The video's still processing so the quality isn't so great but hopefully it won't take too long.

Let me know what you think.
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:(i want to make a project on automatic light traffic controller based on 8085 microprocessor
for this i need a circuit.
can u snd me
I am curious to know what university is using the 8085. In most cases we tell students to google for information. We expect that you start the project, then we will help you.

In this case I found a site where they build 8085 projects and provide schematics. One was a 7 seg clock. Use this to hookup the RAM and ROM, UART if you need it.

Good luck.


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Well unfortunately I would not be able to help with an 8085 CPU. It was born before me:p
i'm sure tho if you'd get into the details of your project we'll be able to help you head in the right direction.
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