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MultiSIM and Input Signal

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Can anyone please help me out. I'm using MultiSIM 2001 and can't figure out how to simulate "Signal from Gear Position Sensor" from schematic?

Here is some more info about schematic

It basically uses comparators to compare the voltage coming from the GPS to predetermined levels and then will ground the negative lead of the appropriate LED on the display. The LED’s will be lit up in a continuous style. R1-R7 = The resistors form a ladder that breaks up the 5v from the voltage regulator (U1) into reference signals to determine at what voltages the LM339AN (Comparator) will use to ground each corresponding LED.
The comparators in this circuit will turn on each LED as follows:

1st LED = Anything over 1.022v

2nd LED = Anything over 2.043v

3rd LED = Anything over 2.660v

4th LED = Anything over 3.356v

5th LED = Anything over 4.052v

6th LED = Anything over 4.526v



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Place a 100 k ohm potentiometer between a 5 volt power source and ground.
Connect the wiper to your "Signal from Gear Position Sensor".
You might also like to place a meter on the wiper to watch the voltage.
Vary the pot and see the results.


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Define a series of voltage sources.
Attach them to momentary push buttons.
Assign the button to whatever keys.
Press 1 for 1st gear, 2 for 2nd & so on.
I am not aware of a spice model for "Gear Position Sensors".


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Thanks a lot Mosfet. You solved my problem. Can I ask you what is the best way to replace Leds with 7 Segment Display? Let's say I use 4511 5V BCD to 7 Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver. I have 7 negative signals from comparators and 1 positive thru 7 Segment COM pin. How can I calculate how many and how to put Gates? What is the best way to make it work?


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Quick guess,
I'd use a diode matrix and inverters as needed.
The 4511 is 4 bit BCD input.
1, 2, 4 & 8 are single bits and can be direct.
3, 5 & 6 would need 2 diodes.
7 would need 3 diodes.
You should post it as a new thread,
maybe someone has a better idea.
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