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multi protocol 485 and 232 transceiver/receiver

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Does anyone have even try with using a bus with diffierent protocol e.g. rs485 , rs232?

i just find some chip can do that, but i want to ask anyone do that before?

THANK very much!!!! :(


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These are the ICs,
MAX232 - RS232 transceiver.
MAX481 / MAX489 - RS485 transceiver.


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actually, i want to have a bus access and shared by these two protocol
i know that, these two can achieve that, but can not be shared
well I guess the best way is to choose whitch will be the main bus and the other can support. example: lets say you have 4 things you want to interface. we will call them A B C and D. A and B are on one circiuit card and C and D on another. And we will say rs232 supports rs485


Kinda get what I'm shooting for


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I really advice you to go RS485. RS485 is easy to interface, it is just like RS232...... usees the things with the diference that the voltage in the Transmiting lines is diferencial. As a diferemce from RS232..... you can "daisy chain" a whole bunch (I believe upto 16) different devices, you must use a "protocol" to address each one, and have a master that control the whole thing.

[DEVICE 1]<-----+-------->[MASTER]
[DEVICE 2]<-----|
[DEVICE 2]<-----|

You can use a rs232 to rs485 converter in case your master or devices uses RS232. Or a RS485-TTL converter in case you are using something like a microcontroller.

This will be of your interest Circuit Cellar-Designing rs-485 Circuits

I hope it helps some

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