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Motor driver for your uC


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I figured I'd post this here for anyone needing a motor controller driver for there uC

I ran into these iC the AO4606 it's a nice pair of mosfet's in one iC it's great little chip with a N-channel and P-channel good for 6 amps
if the gate is at 10 volts but for a amp or so it works really well at 5 volt if i read the datasheet right.

But who reads the datasheet LOL I tried it and it doesn't get hot with small motors less then a amp.

Figure I share it here is the test board i made not my best work LOL but it worked for testing.
Here is the sch.
And if any one want's I did a PCB


Nigel Goodwin

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The ones I've been using are DMC3016LSD, fed from a 3.3V PIC, for switching power to a SIM800L module in one project, and using two of them in another for switching power from, and charging to, four 18650's in series.

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