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Motion control with motor : help with basics

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Hi my name is girish n i am a beginner to robotics. I am still learning abt microcontrollers.

So i hav been thinkin of a project. N the part in which i need understanding is very basic. I want to control movement of an
Elbow joint with a motor. Like one rod remains fixed while the other moves from 0 to 90 degrees. Thing is i want it to stop at an angle i want n then move as per the motor is given signal by mc.

Can u help me with which motor i should go. Servo or stepper. I know stepper would be first suggestion but as far as i know stepper hav not good enough torque as i also want the rod to lift a few 100gms
N move smoothly.
Also forgive me if i am wrong but Servos also operate at 0,90 or 180. I am not clear with tht concept of Servo. I would like to use a Servo as it gives good torque. Can a Servo be designed to start/stop a movement at an angle i want. Can it be designed to start/stop at the instant it receives a signal from an mc
Plz throw some light on this topic for me.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thnks a lot.
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