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Mosfet Parameters Help

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I have LT Spice & thought i would look at the Mosfet data in the program & then compare it to the Data sheet for the same Mosfet to quickly learn how to add Mosfets etc.

I have chosen a IRFP9240 just as an example as it is in the program, it would seem i have out smarted myself once again & wouldn't have a clue how they get the data from the data sheet or what the abbreviations stand for?.

I have looked at the Yahoo users group but could not find any answers regarding this, that's not to say it isn't there somewhere.

Just wondering if someone could walk me through this, in plain english of how they arrived at the data from the IRFP9240 Data sheet so i can learn some more. Also what each abbreviation is.

There are only a couple of parameters that seem easy to me,
Vds=-200 Ron=500m, not sure even what the rest are?

Rg, Vto, etc etc?

The data in the program for the Mosfet is:

.model IRFP9240 VDMOS(pchan Rg=3 Vto=-4 Rd=200m Rs=50m Rb=100m Kp=8.2 Lambda=.10 Cgdmax=1.8n Cgdmin=.07n Cgs=.77n Cjo=.77n Is=76p mfg=International_Rectifier Vds=-200 Ron=500m Qg=44n)

I have attached the Data sheet for the Mosfet as well.



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