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Modifying Pad Size in Eagle - How is this Done (At War With Eagle... Again)


I've produced an Eagle board (autorouted from a schematic), however the copper pads around certain components (mostly resistors) are too small for my liking. I wish to enlarge these in Eagle while leaving others untouched.

Ideally, I would like to get these resistor pads to be the same size (and shape if possible) as those used in Eagle's default 18-pin DIL.

I have tried enlarging the pads using the DRC page (Tools > DRC > Restring > Pads): Unfortunately, this method enlarges all pads, even those whose size is already fine, and then leads to numerous track overlap problems.

Is there a straightforward method for altering the size (and /or shape) of the individual resistor pads without interfering with everything else?

Thanks in advance.



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Edit the part footprint in the library and change the pad size to what you want.

Once you've done that it will show up on all new boards and new placements, in order to update the board you've already started you need to select Library -> Update from the board window and select the library with the footprint in it and all the footprints will be updated to the new one you've edited.



Why do you want a different method?
The way DirtyLude explained is the way to go about it. There is no other (simple) way I can think of.


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