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Modem to modem connection.

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Hi futiller,

Thanks for the interest.
Does it work ?
I dunno. I gave up.

I still think it should work alright,
but i dont know enough about modems to do it.

What i want the distant modem to do,
is answer the phone,
and send a small amount of information,
as an answer,
dictated by its associated PC.


The distant PC and modem are many miles away, in Cornwall.
The local PC and its modem are here with me.


I had thought that the modem contained all that was needed for this.
Maybe i was wrong about that.

Yes i am still trying to do this.

John :)
Things have changed a little,
a family member has taken up residence in the Cornwall premises,
so there is no need for me to set up any arrangements with a PC there,
as i can just phone up and talk.

So i am no longer trying to do this.

Cheers, John :)
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