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Mitutoyo LCD repair


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New to the forum, and only have very basic knowledge in electronics (mechanical engineer by trade)

Can anyone suggest if the LCD on this vernier caliper is repairable? One column of the display isn't working. So for example in the photo, it should display 81.28 but instead shows 31.28. It's my favorite caliper so would love to be able to repair it.

I have disassembled the circuit board etc and cleaned all contacts with switch cleaner and a cotton bud. The circuit board clamps against an elastomeric connector on the LCD. There was some dirt in here when I first disassembled the board. Cleaned everything, reassembled but it's the same. One thing I notice is that the elastometric connector is partially disbonded from the glass? of the LCD. Can't imagine that it's supposed to be like that.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Link to photos:


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Regarding the "zebra strip",, I don't believe they are BONDED to the glass, just a clean pressure contact.


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Anyone got any suggestions?
Look for a new zebra strip with the same pitch as your circuit board and try again.

Or, try crimping it a bit tighter if spring tension is used for mounting (vs screws).

Ian Rogers

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I am an avid ZX Spectrum enthusiast... A tin of electrical contact cleaner is law... It must be in the toolkit...

I have cheap vernier scales and repair them often.. Engineering shops have oil everywhere once it get in these things... Overhaul time! I wash the rubber contact strips vigorously...

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