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Microcap 12 is free

From another forum (user janoc) so I don't want to take credit but it is a really nice find so I wanted to share it.

The Microcap simulator software is now a free (as in beer) download:


The company is apparently shutting down so they have released the software for free. It is Windows only but it supposedly runs in Linux with Wine too.

Nice to have a pretty powerful alternative to LTSpice! "
From the EULA:
Micro-Cap License Agreement and Disclaimer

Micro-Cap is Spectrum Software's circuit simulation software. As of 7/4/2019, it is available free to the entire engineering community.
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Years ago I used Micro-Cap every day.
I do not see that it is free.
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Did you get it to run?
Was just skimming the ref manual & user guide.
About to install it now and will report back.

Working for me, Win8.1 64 bit.
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Thanks! I used this back in 84 for 1st jobs after leaving ARMY - Next to Huntron TRACKER :) Curious to see where it's gone... and how it's aged


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this is a really fantastic piece of software. We used the student edition 20 years ago in college and i really liked it, the full version was selling for around $4800.00 not long ago. Company folds and they very graciously (imho) offer it up for free. it really is worth grabbing and trying out. i remember years ago just as a first attempt not even being that familiar with electronics it was easy to use. might be one of those easy to use - hard to master things but that just speaks to depth. I've looked for the textbook with the student edition software in it many times and to find this now is fantastic. It is not a shareware or freeware product and that is very obvious right from the start, you really have to check it out.

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