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Micro Controller Switcher Help

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Hi, i need help i would to have the following but dont have any idea how to do it:

- i would like to have a micro controller pref. PIC16F84 circuit with 4 switches connected to it VSource1, VSource2, VSource3, VSource4 these switches would be the input for the output i want it to do 2 things
a) always when the power is on the PIC assumes Source1 is on if any switche is pressed the micro controller would send a pulse to the source connection coressponsing to the source if source3 is pressed it would send 2 pulses which simulates if the source switch is pressed twice, then it will store the current souce if source4 is pressed it will send 1 pulse
b) coressponding to the sources there are 2 audio souces. audio source1 would be for VSource1, Vsource3 and VSource4, audio source2 would be for VSource2 i want the PIC to control the 2 audio sources accordingly.

i dont know how to design the audio source circuit in has 2 inputs and 1 output with PIC controlling which source is on.

also i would like to know how to make a voltage regulator with the following values:
inout voltage is Car 12V
1) 12V 1.25A Voltage Regulator
2) 5V 2.4A Voltage Regulator

Thank you


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At least for the switching I'd take a look at
or the classic

They are analog switches, controlled by logic level inputs (from your pic)
For the PIC: study it's datasheet and write a program that does, what you want. Be sure to clamp some good tantalum capacitors across its power supply near it's pins, otherwise PICs may be quite a noisy nuisance in audio circuits. Also debounce your selector switches inputs, either in real world or in the PICs programme.


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Or try ADG411 - Precision Switches for low voltage drop across the switch.
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