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Message to "electronics God"

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God, you were a bit quick off the mark to critisise my cynisism on the subject of one of the messages. You said:

"Thats not some kind of joke Klaus! The guy is serious and wants to build something useful. Be serious when someone is asking for something seriously. Such comments reduces ones interest in the subject and you have no rights to do so.
If you can't help anyone, please don't make fun of him/her. Its better you stop wasting precious board space with your expert comments."

I note with interest you mentioning that "such comments reduce ones interest in the subject".

Exactly the opposite appears to have happened.

There are far more 'hits' on this subject than on the usual run of the mill question on this forum.
And a lively discussion followed about various strange and wierd patents.

All very interesting, even to an old cynic like myself.

And, you will agree, if you care to re read the original message, that there were things quoted which did not ring true when one took the time to look up the site mentioned with the article on this miracle fuel.

So God, if you do not like what I write here, if you think its all a "waste of precious board space" as you put it, you are welcome to send me a private message to that effect and I will cease my "expert comments" on this board.

But, you'd do well to learn the difference between "making fun of someone" and expressing one's cynisism on a subject quoted here. There are, from time to time, some real outlandish questions presented on this board that just beg to be either ignored or commented on.
If you can look at each and every topic mentioned, no matter how far fetched, in a serious way, I feel sorry for you, do try to lighten up sometime.

Your humble servant,



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Dear Klaus,
The way of thinking is different from person to person. It appeared to me that you are making fun of that guy. Whereas according to you it was cynicism. But I haven't seen anyone who express his cynicism in such a way.
And yes I don't see any negative point in his idea. Its either lack of interest or lack of knowledege in this field that makes you laugh (or cynicise, whatever it is). Its not at all a science fiction project. People have worked on it and the technology is still in its infant stage. May be one day you'll also be using the improved version of this technology in future.

Regarding "interest", I dind't say that it will make "people" lose thier interest, its the guy who will be dissappointed by such comments. Majortiy of the members on this board take interest in almost every topic posted and so there is no way they'll lose interest. They are going to post whatever they are thinking (positive or negative), but in a serious way.
If someone has just started taking interest in any field, its your duty to encourage him. Thats all what I wanted to say.

And if you say I should learn the differnce between "making fun of" and "cynisim", I don't need to do that because I am sure of what I said.

I would be happy to see so called "outlandish" post in the forum. Would you please post the links?

And this is to all the board members. If anyone feels that Klaus's post was a "cynicism", don't hesitate to post it in this thread.
Link: http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/need-to-keep-relay-on-after-pwr-off.3639/
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water as fuel

I think "skepticism" is a better description.

Semantics aside, it doesn't hurt to retain a healthy dose of skepticism when approaching topics that have a high probability of falling under the category of "psuedo-science". Could someone point to a real world example where this method has been successfully applied? It's a fair question, in light of the claims made.

"If someone has just started taking interest in any field, its your duty to encourage him"
Agreed, except I'd add "and inform" to the statement.

For a skeptical treatment of "free energy" claims:
(the article cited by Lann doesn't claim "free energy", but comes pretty close)



Read up, experiment a lot, and decide for yourself.


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It is not just a problem of wether such devices work or not but of our collective culture,a good example woud DVD players/rewriters , this format is allready obselete with advances in laser technology yet it will be a decade or more before this is reflected in the commercial market.

I can transfer funds between MY bank accounts online in an intsant, yet external transactions for example between my employer and myself used require three to five "working" days ( i say "used" I opened an current account at the branch my wages are paid in at and my account gets credited before 15:00 the same day, go figure, sending the local bank staff a box or two of chocs at xmas and other religous festivals helps )

On a more serious note let us remember that a negative result to an experiment can yield just as much information as a positive.

And more than once in history has "accepted" theory been proved as bogus.
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