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Mechanical Mirror

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john1 said:
As to the intersection ...

I don't think that jpanhalt meant that the X and Y wiring would be "muscle wire",
that would be ordinary wire, the "muscle wire" would be fed from the intersections.
That is essentially correct. I was thinking that heat transfer from a hot node would allow more flexibility in design; however, I would not rule out the muscle wire as being at least one and many both of the conductors.

One would need to know more about the physical design to go further on the muscle wire design. Flipping parallel to the X or Y axes would yield something similar to the original work d'art and the project as described by the OP.

Perhaps, just to be contrary, one could rotate on the perpendicular (Z) axis. That could lead to a different mechanical arrangement, and I think it might even present a more interesting effect to the observer.


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