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Measuring standby power of offline led lamp?

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The attached is the Mains input current to our product (a 40W LED lamp) when in shutdown.
Those spikes happen near the zero cross of the mains voltage.
Its the voltage across a 30R sense resistor in the neutral line.
It was supplied with 240VAC mains.
We need to find the average active power of this.
Do you know an instrument that can do this?

We have Hameg 8115-2 power meter but its datasheet does not allure as to whether it can accurately measure such currents with such high crest factor, low level, and low power factor.
Unfortunately we don’t have a sampling storage scope to be able to measure power via the means of summing up a period’s worth of sampled v.i. products and then dividing by the number of readings taken.

Hameg 8115-2 Datasheet:


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